The Remy Thoreau Adventures

The Remy Thoreau Adventures is a well known series of books written by the late and excommunicated author, Paul de Stwallaque.

Every critic in Montaigne with an ounce of credibility has declared the books to be worth more as tinder than literature. They claim they lack any sort of meaningful plot, the characters are both two dimensional and completely unbelievable, the dialogue is atrocious, and that the research was negligible. 

Even worst, the Vaticane declared the books were pornographic, anti-Vaticane, and immoral. This lead to Paul de Stwallaque's excommunication when he refused to quit writing them. This only increased his sales in every nation but Castille. 

Naturally, given everything that has been said about the novels, they are some of the most popular in recent years.

Books in the Series:

1. The Soldier's Indiscretion

2. The Scoundrel's Lady

3. Forbidden Advances

4. The Lusty Numan Maid

5. An Open Treasure Chest

6. A Midnight Rendezvous

7. The Kraken 

8. Opening the Gates

9. The Hidden Valley

10. Taming the Strange

11. Castillian Negotiations 

The Remy Thoreau Adventures

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